Life Recently

I'll be honest, I haven't been the best about taking photos of my daily life since we've gotten back from Paris. For one thing I took thousands of pictures while we were there, and my trigger finger just might need the tiniest of breaks. Second, everything feels kind of "meh" in comparison. I think I've got a vacation hangover. I'm slowly snapping out of it, but it was rough the first week home.

I've been trying to perfect a good french baguette recipe to make once or twice a week. I've learned three things so far. The best baguettes seem to take the longest to rise, have the most amount of kneading, and the least amount of ingredients. Once I get it perfected I plan on sharing the recipe so you don't have to struggle through the endless variations on the baguette.

Brian and I went to brunch at a new place in Clifton called the Hang Over Easy, with our friend Destiny, her son Oliver, and Brian B. Not only did we sit outside on the most glorious day ever, but they had a grassy lawn and fountain out back as well. I took neither photos of the lawn, or of my food. Let's blame the 3$ bloody mary's shall we?

These creepy crawlies were making a home on my mulberry tree just off the deck. Everything was cool until they ate like half the branch, so they were terminated. I think they were webworms? But I also thought they didn't come out until the fall? Anyone else know?

Before we attended a preview screening of the movie Obvious Child, which was great by the way, we went to one of the few places that serves Jamaican food in Cincinnati. Ena's Jerkmania serves spicy, delicious and cheap food. While it's a bit of a hike from my normal stomping grounds, it's worth it. Try the spicy fries, and the Jamaican pattys!

Anything exciting happen recently for you, dear readers?