The Bedrooms of my Past #nojudgement

I read this post on design sponge yesterday all about childhood bedrooms. I thought it'd be fun to share some of my past bedrooms. I had to actually do a decent amount of livejournal digging to find these. Starting with my "childhood" bedroom. My parents are both Navy and divorced, we moved a lot. This is the last bedroom I had where I didn't pay the rent, from ages 14-18. It's not as horrible as you would expect! 

I've always had pretty much free reign over how my room looks. I got to pick that paint color, that I still would use in my house today. I still like most of the stuff in here, even if it feels a bit juvenile. I still have the bedspread, and art in the black frames! The rest I either "lost" when I left certain roommates, or got destroyed just with good old wear and tear.  

I have more old bedroom photos from more recent places, but let me know if this kind of post is interesting to you!

What did you childhood room look like?