Summer Sewing Plans!

So I've been kind of lax on sewing lately. Sometimes you've got the bug to stitch, other times you don't. Summer has always been a big sewing time for me! Nothing better than stitching up sundress and floaty tops. I thought I'd share what I'm itching to stitch these next couple months. 

First up, the bombshell swimsuit, the whole reason I purchased Pattern Parcel 3. I've had it on my wishlist since last summer, but was always kind of intimidated because of the whole never having worked with knit. Thanks to Moneta and Mabel I've somewhat conquered that fear. Still I never sewn swimwear, but this pattern has great reviews so fingers crossed?

April Rhodes Staple Dress. This pattern is one I liked, but not enough to buy on it's own. The fact that it was also in Pattern Parcel three was just an added bonus. I've never shirred anything before, so that should be interesting. I have a few internet friends that love this pattern a lot, and it seems really great. I'm considering using a similar bird fabric like the one I purchased in Paris for this dress.


Colette Pattern's Chantilly Dress. I've had this pattern for like a million years. It was sent to me by Kollabora awhile ago, and I never got around to making it. But like could it be any prettier? The fact that I own this pattern and haven't sewed it yet is kind of a crime. It's probably also a sign that I might not ever need to buy a pattern again. 

Simplicity 1419! Both the dress and the jacket are way to cute to pass up. This is one the the first lisette patterns I've really like in awhile. They had a really good line when the first few collections came out, but I've been less into the brand until now. Speaking of "retro" lisette Patterns, I might need to sew up the Portfolio Dress again now that I'm not a terrible seamstress.

I'd also love to finish up my gown, and start my sew bossy project. We'll see if I can actually stop procrastinating on those projects...

Do you have any sewing plans for this summer Readers?