Life Recently

Even though I'm still saving my pennies for Paris, I tried two new restaurants in Cincinnati this past week, and drove home to DC for my baby sister's college graduation. 

First up the Eagle! Seriously amazing fried chicken. They serve it with a spicy honey sauce that is to die for. Granted there's probably three days worth of calories in an entire meal, but so worth it.

While we were driving to DC we encountered some pretty heavy rain. Let this be a PSA for making sure your windshield wipers work before you leave town. We had to stop at an auto-zone to get new ones in middle of nowhere West Virginia. 

As per tradition, whenever we get together with my mom we go to cheesecake factory and get some cheesecake. Never a bad idea. 

For Brian's Birthday Breakfast we went to a new delicious place that has opened up behind my office called Cheapside Cafe. The coldbrew coffee is AH-MAZ-ING.

How has your week been?