Life Recently.

I've had quite the busy week. Between Easter, graduations, and a big purchase it's been a bit crazy round these parts. I kind of like it that way best though! 

Brian, Meghan and I dyed Easter eggs. Yes a good spring beer was totally necessary to dye them. I think they turned out pretty cute! Word to the wise though, glitter eggs are a horrible idea and impossible to eat without ingesting mass quantities of glitter.

Brian's family has a big Easter breakfast every year, which is delicious. They also have an egg cracking competition. I'd never heard it of before, but my Easter traditions verge more on the Italian side, and I this is very much an English tradition. Normally either his brother or his dad win, but by a huge upset Brian took grand prize this year. He's holding up his champion egg in the second picture. I, as always, was out in the first round. 

Brian surprised me at work for a mid morning coffee break at one of my favorite coffee places ever Tazza Mia. We needed to pick up some more coffee for the house as well, and they locally roast the best beans! I had a very delicious, but I'm sure horrible for me bagel and a dry cappuccino. 

Look at how well my Kale and Collards are doing! I need to work on the beds in the backyard, but need to wait until the weather clears up a bit. It's been raining almost everyday. At least everything is getting nice and green. The okra I planted though hasn't come up at all. Does anyone know if there's an extra germination step I missed? 

I'm recently purchased a studio set up for my photography business. I've had a bit of fun testing it out on my poor dog and boyfriend. Those studio lights are very very bright. Bowie got a cookie once the photo above was done so don't feel too bad for him. 

First, I'm sorry for posting that last photo Emma, it just so perfect I couldn't stop myself. Brian's baby sister Emma graduated from DAAP over the weekend. Which unbeknownst to me is the #hottestcollegeinamerica . It was a beautiful, but windy day! Congrats Emma! 

Last, but certainly not least, check out that new car! She's a beaut, no?

How has your week been going so far? Anyone else had more than a few weddings and graduations to attend in April?