Colette Moneta; Swingy and Perfect

So I finished Moneta! I ended up having to take the waist up, not for any fitting issues, but because my knit fabric (sew classics jet set knit from joann's) ending up getting a huge run in the bodice at the waist. I prefer a lower waistband, but didn't feel like scrapping the whole project. So it ended up a bit more "baby doll" than I intended. As soon as I can get to the fabric store though, I intend on making another one! It's seriously the perfect dress. Easy to dress up or down, flattering, and mega comfortable! 

Not too shabby right? Despite this fabric getting runs like crazy, I like the drape and hand feel a lot. The back has  a slightly deeper neckline, which I like, but am thinking about making it an even deeper U shape. 

Have you tried sewing up the Moneta? What's your perfect dress?