Life Recently.

Spring is finally here in Cincinnati! It's been raining all week. Do you know that statistically were more overcast than Seattle? The more you know I guess. I'll take all the rain ever over the snow though.

Hot Ham & Cheese at Arnolds.

Yes, I'm team dogs in the bed. But really, you try saying no to them when they're being that sweet. 

It's Cincinnati as seen from the Cincinnati Museum Center. Sometimes my friends and I like to spend friday nights doing a double feature at the Omni-max. Last week it was Journey To The South Pacific and The Mysteries Of Egypt. Union Terminal is one my favorite places in the city though. It was actually the inspiration for the Hall of Justice.

Working downtown leads to me eating Holtman's Donuts more than I probably should. They're so good though, and the shop is so cute. 

Lastly here's some pretty decent french toast we had at the Apple Tree Cafe.  Total down home dinner food, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! 

How has spring been going in your neck of the woods readers?