A Home Gym: The Plan

I've been bad about keeping the basement clean. Like Really Bad. 

Boxes of seasonal decor, bedding, and books. Clothing, art, and all the glorious wood panelling. It's my mission to get it cleaned out this year and turn it into a home gym!  I had been on a trail pass at a local gym, but with the first time ignition fee, and the monthly pass I could just buy my own treadmill and save money. So that's what I'm going to do! Phase one involves clearing out the basement so I can start planning the space! 

home gym plan

So I think the soft plan right now is to paint the panelling white, and maybe put down some foam tiles. I have most of the stuff above except the treadmill and TV at this point. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into something much more expensive than I have planned though. It's a very loose plan, contingent on how well I can actually get the basement cleaned out. In the meantime I've been talking lots of walks in this amazing spring weather, even if it is a little rainy. 

Do you have a home gym? Any tips?