On The Sewing Table: Butterick 5987

So my brother is getting married next month, and the dress is black tie. I don't own anything near that level of formal, nor do I have the money to spend right now on something that nice. Thanks to saving for Paris that is. So I decided to try and tackle sewing formal wear. Here's the pattern I'm using, Butterick 5987. 

Looks simple enough right? That is until you look at the instructions. The fabrics are finicky and there's lining plus underlining. I'm taking my time but already am kind of worried on the outcome. I'm using a pretty deep teal crepe from Joann's and it might be one of the nicer fabrics I've ever used. Here's were it stands right now. 

How inspiring, I've managed to cut out half the pieces and pin them to the dress form... Ha! I host a group craft night monthly at my place though, and I'm hoping to get much further along with it during that tomorrow night. Here's hoping it turns out actually wearable, or I might end up borrowing one of my sister's formal dresses ( HI TORI! ).

Have you ever sewn formal wear?