Dining Room Update & Rug Pad USA Review

First, I haven't blogged about the dining room in what feels like a million years. We've gotten a new rug, rearranged, and put up a gallery wall since you last saw it. The china cabinet isn't in the pictures, but it's just on the opposite wall. Were still working on getting the gallery wall completely up, but I need to buy more frames, and I've been extra lazy about that. 

Check out our new rug. It's pretty cool. It's a bit nubby right now because my cat is a verified rug torturer, but what can we do? Now I had only just gotten this rug when someone from Rug Pad USA contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review a rug pad for them. It was pretty perfectly timed because of me newest purchase, which although was much loved, wasn't exactly "cushy". So I hopped at the chance to try out one of their rug pads. I feel a bit funny saying I was excited to get a rug pad. Definitely one of those moments looking back where I'm worried that yes, this is the moment I have become a boring adult. Oh well! Just so my lovely readers know, this rug pad was provided to me free of charge. As always I will try my hardest not to let that influence my opinion. 

I chose the Eco-Cushion rug pad. I'm one of those people who is rightly concerned over the environment and the fact that this rug pad is manufactured in a way that is less damaging to it is awesome. 

Eco-Cushion rug pads are manufactured using a process that has minimal impact on the ozone layer and constructed primarily of bio-based, renewable, and eco-friendly materials - including 100% natural soybean oil and a non-slip organic polymer coating.   Many of the imported pvc padding on the market my contain potentially harmful fillers (such as phthalates) that are toxic and could potentially out-gas after long term use. 

Score right? I ordered the a size corresponding with my rug, and asked that it be trimmed down an inch on all sides to fit nicely underneath. It arrived quickly at my door soon after! This is how it arrived. 

The package had a tear on one side exposing the rug to the elements. If I hadn't had a covered porch my rug pad would have been pretty wet given the rainy weather. It might help if the company had another layer of protection over the rug pad. Not a deal breaker, but just a note. Maybe my post office is just extra rough with mail, so who knows? Excuse the pug butt in the picture ;)

So I ripped the package the rest of the way, and got to work moving furniture and rolling up the rug. #protip: This is a two person job! Don't pretend you're the She-hulk and end up throwing out your back because you can't wait for a certain helper to get off of work. (ahem, Brian.)

The rug pad has a rubber smell when you first open it. Nothing chemical, it just smells like a natural rubber. It dissipated before I even finished putting the carpet down on top of it. So it's a non issue.

I moved everything, laid down the rug pad, and put the rug on top. It was too big. Not a huge deal, my craft scissors cut through the rug pad like a dream. An extra step where I didn't expect one, but really not that much effort after moving all the furniture. This rug pad is definitely way more luxurious feeling that I thought though. A guest I had over even noticed that it was more "squishy", which is totally what I was looking for. I can't comment too much on the grip of the rug pad. My rug didn't slip much before, it's pretty high quality and very heavy.  It gave the rug a bit of lift, you can feel, but you can't see unless your laying on the floor like I was when I took these pictures. Left is before the rug pad, right is after.

Overall I think my boring adult excitement was worth it. A little cushion goes a long way in making a room feel more homey. The fact that I can be nice to the environment at the same time is a big added bonus! 

Do you use rug pads or have you ever tried Rug Pad USA?