How to get beautiful grout.

My bathroom isn't my favorite room in the house. It's probably the only room I planned, and still do plan, to gut and redo if I ever have the money. But alas, I don't have the money. I normally put on my best ignore face and carry on, but the grout in the shower has been getting to me. 

It probably doesn't help that I'd been at my mother's house the previous week. She is basically the closest to Martha Stewart level housekeeping I'll ever be near in my life. She's got a thing for sparkly clean bathrooms, and I'm seeming to develop a similar affliction.   

So I got to work and re caulked the tub. It looks 1000 times better, but then the grout looked really bad. I promise it's clean in the following picture. It's just really stained from the previous owners care, or really lack thereof. 

Not a good look, I know. Short of re-grouting I didn't think there was much I could do. That is until yesterday. As Brian and I were browsing Lowes I can across this stuff called Grout Refresh. It said I could just paint this stuff on and not only would it change the color of my grout, but it would also seal the grout so it was easier to clean. At about ten dollars I really couldn't say no.

I used an old toothbrush per the instructions to apply it to the grout on my shower. It's a little tedious, but I just put on an episode of This American Life and was done well before it finished playing. At this point in the process it looked liked the picture below.

Now if I can offer any advice in this super simple process, it would be to try and stick the grout more than I did. The last step involves misting the wall with water, and scrubbing the product off of the tile. Because I went a bit crazy and sloppy while applying I had a lot of scrubbing to do. But overall the effect was worth it.  

IT LOOKS CLEAN! The grout looks super fresh, and I'm very very pleased with the product overall. There are a few spots where I need to touch up with a bit more sealant, but over all the application was flawless. The tiles look way less tan than before, which is awesome.  

Martha Stewart would be proud!