Ease back into sewing

I haven't sewn anything since I completed my hawthorn dress, bad sewist! I cut out Colette patterns zinnia skirt yesterday, but didn't actually have time to work on it. I haven't cut out my most recent sew bossy swap yet either. I just haven't had the time the past few weeks to get lost in my sewing as I normally do. I've been taking part in my local Hot Yoga studios 21 day challenge, and it has been kicking my butt! I've been at the gym practicing every single day, and getting crazy muscular as a result. While I think I'm going to keep up a regular practice of every other day once the challenge is over, this everyday thing hasn't been leaving time for much else. But I'm on day 15 today, so I should have more time, and a sweet bod, soon! 

I decided to work on the newest colette pattern, zinnia, before I tackled my sew bossy dress. Mostly because it's something easy to ease my way back into a sewing routine, and because it's got the whole new novelty going on.  


I'm sewing it up in a really beautiful teal quilting solid from my stash. I could very well be done, or at least have some progress pictures for you, by tonight!  

Have you dear readers ever taken a physical challenge, or sewn up this new pattern?