Less of a deathtrap.

So I've been spending more time in the loft, where my craft room is. I'm also have some people over to craft in it tonight, and figured I should do something about the deathtrap that is the upstairs railing. Take a look.  

Yes, that is only one rail on the right side, and yes, my special needs cat has fallen through it. So my limited wood working skills (read: none to speak of) and I got to work. I measured the existing rail size, 1x2's. I went to Lowes, and brought a bunch of the cheapest 1x2x8 furring strips (97c), and a box of drywall screws. It was pretty straight forward, I just measured and screw them in. 

It might be a good idea to have a helper to hold the boards, instead of turning into a monkey woman trying to stabilize the board with your feet and some painters tape. That method is pretty much bound to end up getting you about 1000 splinters, I'm speaking from first hand knowledge here. I used a Japanese hand saw to cut any bits off the ends, and called it a day. 


I still need to fill some cracks and cover the screw holes with wood filler, and repaint the railing, and really the whole stair well. At least I know my cat will stop falling down the stairs now though! It's a good thing. 

I also picked up a small rug for under the really messy computer desk when I was at Lowes. I dig it, even if chevron is dead.