Completed Hawthorn!

I finally set aside a few hours to mark and sew my buttons holes, and finally finished the dress! I really like it! I made no alternations to the pattern whatsoever. 

Excuse this, it's too humid to care, august hair!  

The coral belt is store bought. I like the way it looks with the light blue, but I really like all pinks! I used a stretchy cotton bottom weight, which was pretty forgiving fit wise. I might do a full bust adjustment next time. It's a bit on the tight side around there currently. I would probably add a few inches to the skirt length as well. I don't wear above the knee all that often and it just feels weird now!  The lipstick I'm wearing here is WNW megalast "Just Pink". I normally don't go for such light colors, but it matched my belt! I think besides the bit of tightness around the bust it fits me pretty well! Since it's sleeveless, I'll be able to dress it up well into fall with tights and cardigans! 

I'm pretty relieved the button holes went in without much to do! I'm always worried I'm going to ruin nicer fabric when I use it. More so than ever with this dress, since this is my keepsake from my trip to LA. I'm still dreaming of mood!