You'll have to excuse my lax posting schedule this past week. I've been having a really good and productive summer, which doesn't always gel so well with keeping the blog up to date. Also it's just nice to unplug sometimes! 


Went to King's Island yesterday and rode two of my favorite rides. The first, which is a video, is Diamond Back! That first drop is a doozy! Then there's the classic, The Flight Of Fear which is in the dark and totally a spooky alien theme going on.  

I've been drinking my own body weight in Starbuck's passion iced tea, and eating many many delicious summer salads. 

Also I've been picking up some house work slack! We reghung our crooked TV and strung all the cords through the walls. I also have started the seed of what I hope to be a cozy sitting area on the deck. I still need about 1000 more coats of red paint on the door, but it's coming together slowly.  

Now if I could just get it to stop raining, my summer would be set.  

Things I'd like to accomplish this week

  • Get some more organization in the sewing room, my fabric stash is getting a little unruly. 
  • Finish painting the front door. Red always takes like three times more coats than you think it will.  
  • Maybe mulch? 
  • Continue working on Hawthorn. I've got everything cut, by am keeping pace with the sew along. I'll have some sewing that needs to be done tonight. 
  • Work on organizing the closet. 
  • Work on some basement organization. 
  • Finish reading Gone Girl.  

Doesn't seem to crazy right? Hope everyone is having as nice of summer as I am though!