Like I needed another hobby.

So I've been fortunate enough to take three pretty big deal vacations this year. Brian and I went to LA, San Francisco, and Puerto Rico. We of course have a tons of photos. I love being able to share them online, but sometimes it's just nice to have physical copies. I used to be really big into traditional scrap-booking, and still had some supplies. So I printed out 200 of our 500 pictures from San Francisco alone and spent some time at the craft store. I found out about project life. It's kind of like a scrap-booking/photo album hybrid. I think most people use it to document everyday life. It's faster and easier than traditional 12x12 layouts, but still pretty rewarding. I've starting futzing around with some of the pages and have been pretty pleased with the as of yet unfinished results. 

Excuse my weirdly distorted iPhone panoramas of the spreads, and gross pet name for Brian. It's kind of funny that I'm documenting a way to document things, how meta. They kind of look a hot mess right now, and they probably will when they're done too. But really, I'm kind of a hot mess so it's good representation. I plan on definitely scrap-booking all of our vacations from this year, and maybe starting a weekly one as well.  I always loved looking at my grandparents scrap books, they're so much more personal than a photo album or photo book. Is this something worth blogging even? I know my readers are all pretty crafty, but I'm fairly certain scrap-booking is pretty uncool currently. Do any of you scrapbook or do project life? What are your favorite resources? I'm really out of the loop in this regard. 

I do find this system much easier to get together than traditional scrap-booking though! With the pockets you use less paper, and have more freedom in going a little embellishment crazy. I still need to actually purchase an album to put them in, right now I just have the inserts. I figure there's no rush while I'm still working on everything though. I also need to purchase a better pen. I didn't have anything acid free so I just lightly penciled stuff in until then. 

For those of you wondering about Hawthorn, don't worry. I finally got her cut out and will have a bit of free time to get caught up on the sew along today and tomorrow. I'm also working a bit more on the porch this weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to finish that up. Obviously I needed another hobby, because it's not like I don't already have to many projects to finish! ;)

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