WIP Gertie's Portrait Blouse

I actually got Gertie's book from Brian last Christmas, and am just now getting around to sewing something from it. I did ooo and ahh over the beautiful patterns and illustrations before hand, it's a really nice book. I chose the portrait blouse as my first project. 

I made up what I thought would be a wearable muslin from some leftover fabric from my macaron dress. Alas, there are some fit issues that need to be addressed in the pattern. 


The Problems

As you can see, my long torso foils me once more! I need to add about two inches to the length of the pattern so it covers my gut. Also I'm considering raising the pin tucks on the front and back of the dress, to get rid of the weird bulging issue. I don't mind it being blousey, but this just looks weird. There's an issue with ease around my hips, I'm pretty sure I need to add some to look less like a sausage casing. The waist fits fine though, so I'm thinking of grading it out from the waist and making the bottom of the dress flare out a teensy bit more.  I'm considering raising the waist a bit, but I'm not sure if that'll mess up the other design elements. 

The Good

I really like the neckline, and how the sleeves sit on my linebacker esqe shoulders. There's no gaping at all with the neckline, because it's interfaced. I normally have an issue with gaping, so it's refreshing not to have to fix it. The bottom side zipper closure is weird, but it really works. I used an invisible zipper, instead of hand picked, and it came out quite nicely. 

The blouse, once I get all my alterations in, seems like it will be really flattering and versatile. I'll hopefully get the time to make the changes to the paper pattern tonight. 

Have you made any of Gertie's Patterns yet?