I buy expensive suits, they just look cheap on me.

Do you ever go through your pattern stash and say "What was I thinking?". I know I do. I tend to buy vintage patterns in lots because I really want one or two, and the rest just kind of sweeten the deal. Case in point, never once in my life have I thought "Man I really need a two piece suit!". My pattern stash will tell you other wise though.  

So I guess I should add a suit to my sewing list (as if it needed to be bigger?). What one would you guys like to see sewn up? I could actually get some use out of a suit, I work in an office. But I feel like for it to be wearable enough for me, it'd have to be black or gray. This might be a good kick off for my fall sewing, that is as soon as I get started on my summer sewing.

What's your favorite suit?