Day One: ♪ Beverly Hills, That's Where I Want To Be... ♪

I just took a well needed vacation on the opposite coast. My parents are looking to downsize and are considering building a modern pre-fab home. When they heard about the Dwell On Design conference they figured it be a good way to size up some of the many builders and options before they embark on such a project. I got to tag along and pretend I had the funds to consider such a thing! It was really fun and interesting, even if I'm not a fan of L.A. traffic. I didn't think any gridlock could be worse than D.C.'s, but oh how I was wrong.  I've decided to split the days up into individual posts, it seems so much less tedious than having to do a MEGA post on a five day vacation. So keep your eye out if you're interested in my trip! 

We got to the airport late Thursday morning and decided Grater's Ice Cream would be a great breakfast!  

After a few flights, with a barely caught connection in houston, we landed at LAX and made our way Sofitel in Beverly Hills. The hotel was beautiful, and had some of the best service I've ever had. I'm pretty sure the concierge would have gone out at one am for a Doritos run for me had I asked. I tried to keep it classy, and refrained from doing that.

The location was right across from the Beverly Center, which had some really great shopping. I didn't end up buying anything there, but it was still kind of nice to walk around. Oh and did I mention our hotel balcony had an awesome view? If you squinted really hard to the right you can see the Hollywood sign.  Well that and if the smog wasn't too bad. 

The hotel was great to be able to walk to places to shop and eat. Even though we had rented a car we did that a few times just because it was so convenient. We were pretty beat after our cross country flights, but we managed to make it out to a really tasty Japanese grill called Guyu-Kaku. I got some really delicious marinated skirt steak and had a good time gabbing with my parents! 

By the time we were done eating, the time change had definitely caught up with us. I did all I could not to fall asleep on the walk home and slept like a log until 5 am (yikes). I'm already an early riser, so being three hours behind didn't help any!