New Temporary Sewing Set Up

So some of you might remember when I had the sewing set up in the basement.  While I sewed there for a long time, sewing in completely artificial light while cut off from the rest of the house just wasn't working out. So I moved it upstairs (Formerly our bedroom, it sat empty except for Brian's little corner office set up). Keep in mind that it's just a temporary set up, to get me out of the dungeon and enjoying the summer light. Also I was a bit of a dolt and didn't turn on any lights or clean up. When keeping it real goes wrong. 

Office/Sewing Room To Do List 

  • Get some cord management going. The only outlets are are the opposite side of the room, which leads to some serious extension cord tangles. 
  • Get fabric storage that's more efficient and visually pleasing that a laundry basket. I was thinking about running a few of the shorter Ikea Billy bookcases with glass doors along the nook on the left side of the room. So I can see what I have, but keep them dust free. 
  • Add more lighting. It's not nearly as dark as these photos make it out to be, I didn't tun on any of the lamps. I could use some more direct task lighting though.  
  • Get a nicer and longer table. Right now I have a folding table we use for our backyard parties, but it's a ugly, and b a bit wobbly. I'd also light to get a counter height cutting table.  
  • Paint the walls and possibly the floors a nice bright white. It'll help open up the space, and make it a bit easier to keep clean.  
  • [x DONE!] Install some bygel rails from IKEA to hang cutting and rulers from.  

I'm sure the list could be twenty times as long, but it already feels pretty intimidating as is. It's nice to be sewing somewhere that makes me feel less like a cave troll though!