Short Hair Adventures!

So I did my first wet set on my short hair, I like the cut a lot more now! Also I'm wearing what I've dubbed the Holloway Dress. I have yet to take any "real" photos of it yet, so look forward to those! I may need to do a small bust adjustment, which is ironic because I have to do a full bust adjustment with modern patterns. I think my bra just isn't pointy enough to fill out this vintage pattern in particular. But I'll tell you guys more about the dress once I have some proper photos. This is just to show off my successful first short hair wet set. For those interested in a setting patter, I roughly followed this one over at By Gum By Golly. I did way more brushing out though. 

I also broke out my cat eye glasses! (For those of you wondering, all my glasses are prescription lenses unfortunately.) They normally feel a bit costume with modern day wear, but I like them here! Someone mentioned I look a  bit like my grandmother with this hair style, and I'll take that as a high complement because she was beautiful. I wonder If I could get her finger waves down?