Working On: Blue Floral Colette Macaron

I've gotten pretty far with my Macaroon dress. I picked up this fabric over memorial day weekend. The floral is a lawn, and the bodice is probably a quilting fabric, but a heavier weight one for sure. I did a gathered skirt instead of the skirt with the pattern. I just cut out two that were about eight or so inches longer than half my wait measurement. I did two rows of basting stitching along the top, gathered them and sewed them to the waist band. I still need to hem it, install the invisible zip, take in an inch or two along the waist, and give a a good pressing.

I like it so far, even if it throws off tube dress with a tee shirt vibe. I grew up Mormon so it's not like I've never done that before, ha.

I hope to finish this up tonight and post some proper photos!

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