Sew Bossy Complete!

So I finally competed my sew bossy challenge! Please excuse the wrinkles.

Here's my hand stitched hem! Time consuming, but worth it in the long run. The two sides meet up when the angle isn't so weird, I promise.

For some reason when I wear the dress the top button aways covers itself. Maybe I needed to use a stronger interfacing for the lapel?

I did have to add a hook and eye closure to get the waistband to ay flat, but it worked perfectly!

This pattern was actually much easier to work with than I'd expected. I've never used a mail order vintage pattern before. There was much more hand sewing than I expected versus modern patterns, but I'm pretty sure that's par for the course. 

I didn't adjust the sizing at all. In hindsight I could have probably taken more out in the bust dart, or around the gathers. The bodice is a bit more blousy than I intimidated. Overall though, this might be one of my more favorite things I've sewn. It's wearable in a lot of situations, and is really comfortable. Even though the gingham fabric tends to wrinkle a ton, it was easy to work with, and wonderful for the summer. 

I want to say a big thank you to Stephanie for sending me something so great! I can't wait to see your finished project as well! I loved doing this sewing swap, and would be very open to more in the future ( with Stephanie or other readers/bloggers as well! ) It really got me outside my sewing box for a bit. It made me want to sew a new vintage styled wardrobe though, which I'm sure will only get more addicting as I go along. 

Also I want to remind everyone in the states (and those serving abroad) that at 3:00 pm on memorial day to think of (and thank) our soldiers, fallen or otherwise, with a moment of silence. As a navy brat myself, whose mother is a disabled vet, I'm proud to say that I support our troops (even if I haven't support the wars which they're in). I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend, and is mindful of scarifies that soldiers everywhere have made to protect mine and my country man's freedom.