A Snail's Pace : Sew Bossy

I know, I'm taking my sweet time with this project. It's been pretty crazy around my house recently. I seem to be only able to get a few short spurts of sewing time in every evening. Here's where the dress is at currently. 

The bodice is pinned to the skirt, which are both sewn separately, but not attached yet. I got the sleeves on, and they don't look horrible! Huzzah! I've pinned on of the buttons on to give myself an idea of the finished look. I've got to do the button holes tonight probably. Somehow buttons holes seem like the worst thing ever. My machine has an automatic button holer, but somehow it still fudges everything up all the time. 

I'm hoping I can knock this out tonight, or at least get the buttons situated. I think I'm going to hem it up a good bit as well. It's mid calf right now, and it would look much better just below the knee. We'll see!