Chevron Laurel


So Remember when I was gonna make a pattern besides the one I've made three times previous? Well I didn't, and actually made another laurel. Sorry for the wrinkles and the bitch face, I had worn it for awhile already and was having camera issues so I was a bit grumpy. This is just a pretty straight forward make of the Laurel pattern. I used a chevron twill by Lisette, pink bias binding on the sleeves and collars, and the same sash I made for the previous laurel.

Wrinkles aside I'm pretty proud of the pattern matching. I'm normally horrible at it. I think I've finally got the pattern fitting right though, so I'll post about all the alterations I made to it soon. I did lengthen this one even more than the last one. The pattern as is, is definitely way more mini dress than I expected. 

Since I've modified the pattern, I can see it's going to definitely become a tried and true for me. I'm thinking about maybe trying a peter pan collar next? It's a good simple pattern for embellishments. 

Edit: Here's some dressform shots as well. They're so much easier to photograph.