Laurel Round up!

So I've made SIX laurels over the past month. I didn't intend to sew so many, but it's just such a good pattern for playing around. There were some serious issues with fit the first time around, check it out.

All kinds of weird tightness and drag lines, yet way to loose and gaping other places. I did a TON of adjustments.

  • Full bust adjustment.
  • Lowered the bust dart using the box method.
  • Added bicep fullness (do you even lift?).
  • Took in the back at the top center seam to reduce the neck gape.
  • Broad shoulder adjustment.
  • Finally the most common adjustment for everyone with this pattern, to fill in the too shallow armscye on the front bodice. It's what causing most of the weird drag  lines near my armpit, and almost everyone I saw on the Flickr group had to do it. It essentially turned and L into more of a C shape.  In fact it was so common there's even a diagram on flickr on how to do it. 

But after all that, it seemed to be well worth it. If anything it's a great way to practice pattern modifications, ha. I might take a picture of the working pattern just so you can see how cut up it got! 

Here's my test run of my modified pattern, and it fit so well I went on to make four more dresses!

My most recent examples above, where I had a bit too much fun with dye. I love the blue dress so much, it reminds me of pool water.

Two More, having gun with color and prints! The first one is my submission to the mad men challenge. The second one I used a fabric I've had for over two years! While it wrinkles like no other, people always like it when I'm out and about. 

Have you made this pattern yet?