Easy Volume with Hair Powder & Giveaway

Product provided at no charge to my by a company looking to receive my feedback. All opinions are my own. 

First, sorry for not opening my eyes for a single picture. Second, here are my thoughts on this product. 

I'm a pretty big fan of voluminous hair. Having lived a good deal of my life in south, and being Italian  pretty much predestined me to be all about some pageant looking hair. 

The higher the hair, the closer to God, am I right?

Anyway, if you've never used hair powder before, it's pretty great. I was even using this brand before I even got sent some to review! It's Got2be Powder'ful, and it's awesome. 

You tap some of the product out, and rub it between your hands, it goes transparent, but you'll still feel it. Then I work it into my roots until I get the desired amount of volume. It gives your hair some texture, which makes teasing it a tiny bit, go a very long way. It cut back a bit of the oil in my hair as well, so that's an added benefit.

I don't think that you're going to get a hair style anything like the box without some serious teasing. It's still a good result though, and would definitely be a good base to hold any teasing. My hair has a tendency to fall a bit flat towards the end of my work day, and this might be good to give my blowout a little oomph without a lot of work. I also think this is a great option for us curly hair girls who can't wait their hair everyday. It cuts out of the greasiness, but also will give you the volume. 

I know it can be a bit hard to find now in stores, but you're in luck! I've got TWO bottles to give away to TWO lucky readers!

To enter the giveaway: 

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The giveaway closes April 26th at 8pm EST. Good Luck!  

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