Hand Dyed Indigo Laurel

So I had a free say yesterday, and figured I would breathe new life into an old (and admittidly kind of tacky) passion of mine.

Tie Dye!

Back when I was a lifeguard in high school my best friend and I would tie dye our tee shirts on slow or stormy days. We were obviously pretty cool. Since I already had some muslin, I went to joanns and picked up some jeans dye. I ended up with something that I like way more than I thought I would.

Not too shabby for a fabric that most people just throw away right? I also did my first ever lapped zipper!

I obviously need a bit of work, but I love this technique a million times more than using an invisible zipper. I think I'm just going to stop doing them all together.

As for me in the dress I have a few pictures as well.

I think I might dye myself a few more laurels, they seem to be perfect for my upcoming Peurto Rico Vacation.