On The Sewing Table

Did everyone have a good Easter weekend? I had a pretty jam packed weekend full of baking, family visits, and season 2 of Game Of Thrones (which was amazing, as if you had to ask). I ate too much food, broke Paleo when it came to Easter candy, and drank a little too much wine. I did mange to get my Mad Men Challenge dress done as you can see in the post below, which is awesome.

I've definitely been on a bit of a sewing roll recently, so why stop now?  I'm gearing up my summer wardrobe for some fun trips, and want to make this to wear when I'm in San Juan, PR at the beginning of May. 

By this, I mean garments B and C in the image of the pattern envelope above. I'll probably start the little cropped jacket first, I have some left over linen from my mad men dress that would be perfect. 

How much sewing I get done will depend more on the weather than anything else this week. If it's nice, I need to get out and start prepping the front yard for some grass seed, and the back yard for our raised beds this year. It'll be my first attempt at growing any food since we brought the house. I'm pretty excited to at least get some tomatoes growing, us Italian Americans can go through some tomatoes.