Megan Draper Dress Done!

I didn't stick exactly to the original dress, but I think you can definitely see my inspiration. It did end up a tad on the short side though, but nothing leggings can't fix right? 

I only just realize that my "messy work around the house bun" could be a pretty spot on 60's style.

I tried the buttons down the side like on the original dress, but they just looked so much butter in the middle. I used a cream and dark green linen I got from Joann's, which sewed up really lovely. The trim is store brought bias tape, and the sash is made out of matching quilt binding. I omitted the zipper in the back, and can just pull this dress over my head. I tired using much thicker bias tape originally, but it ended up gathering the fabric all weird. 

I think if I make a laurel dress again, I'll probably lengthen it by five inches. This is something your really can't bend over in, HA! 

I'm pretty stoked I actually finished my mad men dress this year. Should I wear it as I watch the season six opener next weekend?