Fabric For Laurel. An alternative title, I'm a messy drinker.

So I've started working on Laurel. I'm making the shirt version first. That way I can check the fit before I invest any substantial yardage in this project. A wearable muslin if you will! There were two yards of a fabric that I didn't mind sacrificing to the sewing gods if the pattern didn't turn out so well. I've had this yellow flocked Swiss dot fabric for years now. It's the leftovers from a total failed attempt at sewing a dress when I first started. I still liked it, but I'm notoriously bad with staining white shirts. So I gave it a dye bath.

I used the Rit Liquid Dye in "Wine" and just followed the instructions to dye the fabric in my washing machine. It was very easy.


What I was left with is the fabric below, which is something far more wearable than before for me. I don't think it's a coincidence that I picked the color wine either. Maybe I should invest in one of these amazing inventions to protect me from spills? 

Keeping it real, dog hair and all. 

Keeping it real, dog hair and all. 

This pattern is finished off with Bias Tape. Since I didn't have any store bought on hand, I used some scraps from the lining of the last dress I made to make some. You can see my homemade bias tape at the bottom of the photo above. I have a really good tutorial here for those of you who want to make your own bias tape. It's super easy, and give you a practical way to use your scraps. I like this fabric a whole lot more now! I'm really hoping this pattern turns out alright so I can wear it a lot, I'm in dire need of separates in my wardrobe. 

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