On The Sewing Table : Laurel

If you're not obsessed with the independent sewing pattern designers, Colette Patterns, you should be. They produce classic patterns, in beautiful packing. They just recently introduced their newest pattern, Laurel. It's a shift dress with just about a million variations. In fact they put together a beautiful free eBook on the many ways you can adapt this pattern to get different looks.  It pretty closely resembles some of my most favorite dresses ever by Toast. By favorite, I don't mean I actually own one. They normally cost upwards of £200! So dropping a few dollars on this pattern was a no brainer. 

 Dress Inspiration by Toast

Dress Inspiration by Toast

It's made even sweeter by the fact that Colette is having a huge contest for sewing up your own Laurel. So I'm hoping to whip up more than one for entries in different categories. Not to mention I'm in dire need of spring dresses, and since I'm on a bit of a spending ban, this seems like the perfect way to go through my stash. 

I shouldn't be in too big of a rush to sew anything for spring. Even though it's technically the first day of the season, here in Cincinnati were expecting snow. UGH. I guess I'll be stuck at home, with nothing to do but crank out some cute dresses. Things could be worse. 

Anyone else sewing this amazing basic? 

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