Life Recently.

I've been very unplugged from the world wide recently, and I have to say it's been kind of nice. I've been blogging since I was about 12, and have no intentions of stopping. As with any hobby though, the actual drive to do it ebbs and flows. My will to blog is definitely ebbing this month, but it'll be back soon I'm sure.

But besides that life has been great! I love this weather, even though I kind of loathe the on set of winter. I'm counting the minutes until my boyfriend Brian will allow me to put up the Christmas tree. That's the second after Thanksgiving pie is finished for those of you wondering! Here's some instaphotos of whats going on around these parts. 


I have some plans to work on some sewing this weekend, so maybe a post about that soon! How have all my lovely readers been recently?  

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