Gingham Zinnia


Here's the finished pictures of my long suffering Zinnia! I had all kinds of issues unrelated to the pattern, there's a whole post below on them if you're interested in a bit of a rant. I did run into two issues that are actually related to the pattern so we'll go into those here. 

The first is that  even though I marked and sewed my pleats really precisely and doubled checked everything before I topstitched, my skirt came out probably a good three inches too short for my waistband. Another blogger has also had the same problem, so I have a feeling this might not be a mistake on my part, but possibly a drafting issue? I solved the problem after the fact by releasing one of the back pleats on each side and managed to have enough fabric to fit the waistband. Because of my fix, the back view is kind of flat and well lacking pleats. If I do make this again, I'll add enough fabric in so I can have more fullness in the back. 

The second is the directions on the waistband were REALLY confusing. For a beginner pattern I can say I've never made a waistband for a skirt assembled how they wanted me to. I just winged it there, and since I've done a lot of waistbands it turned out alright. 

Overall I think ti's a good basic though, maybe at this point I feel like I might have over payed for the problems I had, but hind sight is 50/50 I suppose. I still love colette patterns though, this one just wasn't my favorite. 

I still need a black full skirt though, maybe a self drafted circle skirt would fit that need?

Did you sew up zinnia yet? What do you think?