Nothing Caught On Fire So I Did This Right?

So we didn't get a crazy amount of snow this week, about five inches. Still enough to put everyone in a funk. Spring feels very overdue right now. I did mange to get some of my lesser fun house things done though. Like switching out a pretty heinous ceiling fan, for something a bit more simple.

This was my first electrical project ever. I figured since I did my first plumbing project ever last week, it would be a good follow up. Changing a light is super easy. It will more than likely be even easier for you than me. I had a bit of older wiring to finagle with, but nothing I couldn't handle.

PS: If you're wondering, it's the


down light bought from IKEA. It throws off a pretty bright light which is nice since it's so gloomy outside. Just make sure you turn the power off! I find myself turning off the whole house just for piece of mind.

I painted the trim in the dining room, which was in dire need of repainting. The pink on the wall is one of the rejects from our paint selections. I really like it, but I think it reads to baby pink for the look were going for. It's Valspar's Pink Ribbon.

For those of you wondering about the second picture. Yes, I bought a Christmas tree in March. This is really the time to buy one though, they're on super sale. Won't the white look good next year next to the Archer Avenue pink? The only reason I set it up (no fluffing mind you) is because it's pre-lit, and I wanted to make sure everything worked and was on the up and up.

It's supposed to be not horrible weather wise out this weekend, so maybe that'll perk everyone up. I plan on spending a good part of my weekend prepping the front room walls for painting. Which is the worst, most boring job in all of home improvement. If you don't do it though, your walls are going to look horrible.

I'd like to get a good deal done on the dress I'm sewing as well. I predict a bit of a shut in weekend for myself.

I hope your plans are much more exciting than mine!