Duct Tape, Undercover.

Recently I've been taking Gertie's online bombshell dress course. It involves a lot of fitting, and she does most of it on a dress form. For those of you that sew, you know fitting or draping a garment on yourself is very hard, if not damn near impossible. So I did what many people do, and made a duct tape dress form.


While not the most flattering thing to look at, it's very true to my actually shape. I'm not going to give you a tutorial on how to make one though, the web is already over flowing with those. This is going to show you a quickly make a jersey slipcover to make the look of the dress form a bit more professional. 

Note: If you're interested in my stand, I actually slipped my duct tape form over a vintage form I had, and stuffed around it using fabric scraps and newspaper. 

You'll need

-Serger/Sewing Machine 

I'm using a serger because it trims and has a better stitch for jersey. If you're using your sewing machine you'll need to use a zig zag stitch and trim all your seam allowances. 

-1 yard of jersey, either 2 way stretch of 4 way. I used two way stretch, although 4 might have been better. 

-Duct Tape to finish the bottom

-Lots of Pins 


Take your yard of fabric and cut in half on the fold. Start pinning around your form. If your using 2 way stretch fabric, make sure the stretchy side is running horizontal, so it stretches out wide ways instead of tall ways.


Leave the bottom and neck hole unpinned. 


Trim all the excess fabric around your form, this will be your guide for where to sew.


I then used my serger to serge up the matched sides. Make sure to leave the neck hole and bottom open. 

Flip inside out so the seams are on the inside of the cover. Slide over your dress form. I used a scrap of the jersey to pretty up the unfinished neck opening with a bow. I also taped the bottom of the jersey using black duct tape. You can't see it unless your laying on the floor, so I wasn't too concerned with how the bottom looked. You could also make the cover longer and sew a draw string in if you're really concerned with how finished it looks. 


Over all though I think it looks much better!