Bacon Avocado and Tomato Deviled Eggs

Happy Funny Commercial Day America! Some of you might know it as the super bowl, but since I have little to no interest in Football, I'm in it for the food and the laughs. I needed a peleo app to bring with to a super bowl party/puppy playdate. It also had to be paleo, and I really didn't want to have to buy anything special. My B.A.T. Eggs were born. 


You'll need:

-ten eggs

-cherry tomatos

-two slices bacon

-one ripe avocado 

- 1/4 cup white vinegar

-1/4 maple syrup 

- 1 Tbs. 

Parisian blend spice 

- 2 Tbs. dill




-Make hardboiled eggs! I set a pan, with eggs and enough water to cover them. Then I turn the burner to high and wait for it to come to a rolling boil.  Once it comes to a boil, remove from burner, cover, and set timer for ten minutes. After the ten minutes is up replace hot water with cold water from tap. Let eggs cool.

-Peel your eggs and slice them in half hot dog style. Remove the yolks and place in mixing bowl. To get the yolks out I poke at the egg from the white side and they normally just plop out into the bowl. 

-Remove the flesh from the avocado and place in mixing bowl with the eggs. Add all the spices, vinegar, and maple syrup. Mash up with a fork until everything is combined.

Put yolk mix into pastry bag and fill each egg half with a the mix. 

Cook bacon slices until very crispy. Break up into little pieces and stick into the yolk mixture in the eggs. 

Quarter the cherry tomatoes and place next to the bacon.  Garnish plate with sprinkling of paprika. 

Enjoy! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Super Bowl Sunday! 

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