The Bathroom Update

Last time I talked about the bathroom, I had done literally nothing. That was over a year ago, and I'm still no where near done. I have made a few improvements though! Just to refresh your memories, here's what I started with.


Yuck dude.

Check out this post if you wanted to know the plan I had back then. 

I removed all the crazy mismatched hardware on the walls. Painted, a lot. Got rid of the grody swan curtain (the windows are privacy frosted) and added some new shelving and art! 


Overall I'm pretty content with the current state. I'd like to change out the sink and light once my sweet tax return comes in. I'm a big nervous about the sink, since I've never even dabbled in plumbing. Something tells me I can handle it though. 


Frames, shelves, toilet paper holder, and towel hooks - IKEA

Shower Curtain - Target

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