Packing Up Christmas

One of my favorite times of year is officially over. It's time to say so long to all my fun holiday decorations. 

In a bid to be proactive on the organizational hell that is my basement, I decided to pack Christmas up right. Not to mention the fact I dealt with a lot of broken ornaments when I unpacked them this year. So I need something that keeps things safe and organized. 

Of course I turned to my main girl Martha. She had a pretty easy/cheap diy for packing up all your holiday delicate.

She has instructions here on how to do this nifty little trick. 

I mean she's Martha, so her's are going to look 1000x better than mine, but it ended up working very well.


Since we eat like four dozen eggs a week on paleo, egg cartons were in no short supply. Not the prettiest, but seriously functional. Who knows, maybe I'll get weird and paint them white or something next year. 


Look how perfectly these babies fit in here. 


I traced the bottom of the box on black cardstock. I wanted white, but all three stores I went to were out, maybe everyone had the same idea? It really doesn't matter though, you'll only see it for a few seconds every year so who cares. I hot glued the cups down using my 2$ glue gun from joanns. Worth all 200 pennies I spent on it honestly. 


Repeat and stack! I was able to fit two layers deep, plus some space on top for garlands and wreaths, no smooshing required. 

For the tree I picked up a 10 dollar bag from the container store. 

Don't let the picture online fool you, you could practically fit four dead bodies,


, in this bad boy. In fact, if your tree is under five feet, you can just stick the whole thing in there no problem. 

I'm glad to have everything packed up neatly now! 

How do you store holiday decorations? 

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