We Brought A New Fridge!

So remember doom fridge? 


We did our best with what we had, and used chalkboard paint to spruce up the old girl. The inside, which I never took a picture of was worse. The lights didn't work, and there were some serious mystery stains. 

We decided to get a new fridge, and settled upon one of the

Summit Appliances FFBF series


I literally could not be happier. 


It holds the perfect amount of food for us, and has really awesome energy ratings! It's made in the USA too, which as someone who tries to buy as locally as possible is awesome! 


I also stopped by Ikea to get some of the

BYGEL rails

to play with all this new wall space! I'm thinking about putting a long shelf along the top of the wall to hold all my cookbooks as well! I'm trying to get the kitchen sorted out before I have to make Christmas dinner for everyone. 

I also repainted the floor in the future bedroom. The poly I used ruined everything and turned it a bright pee yellow. 

Luckily it's nothing a little sanding, and floor paint can't fix. If you're painting your floors, please use floor paint, it makes all the difference! This weekend I hope to paint the vents and walls! 

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