Whatever Wednesday: Fashion Week Faves

It was 40 degrees when I woke up this morning. I can officially say that Fall is here in the Midwest! What a better way to celebrate than picking some of my favorite spring fashions for 2013. I'm anything if practical.


Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2013

I dig granny chic, so it's no surprise at all that this line appealed to me. Pancake makeup aside the pieces are classic yet interesting. The shilloute of the first skirt showed up a handful of more times in the show and is really a great piece. Not to mention that there's pockets, which is pretty much a skirt must have. Everything in this show looked like it could translate easily into real life. 


Holmes & Yang Spring 2013

I believe this is Katie Holmes' first fashion line. All in all it was pretty strong. Worth clicking to enlarge on these. The lines of the clothing are great, very minimal. I could have done without the kooky print on the dress, but no one's perfect. I think what I like most about this show was how classic everything felt. Their line felt a bit disjointed though. I can't wait to see what they come up with for their next season though.


Jill Stuart Spring 2013

This show was the best for me. Very 1930's vibe, great colors, and fabric choice. It's ultra feminine, which hasn't always been my cup of tea. It feels like it's out of a dream. The bows, the lace, the weightless feel. If I had an excuse and unlimited funds, I would wear all the pieces from this show everyday. The hints of blue throughout were really nice and unexpected with the rest of the earthy palette. While the style lines seem pretty simple for the most part, they're just so well executed they take the designs to a whole other level.  

I'm sure Jill won't get as much press as say Acne or PPQ, but her spring line has staying power. 

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