Post Labor Day Hangover

I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to this week, in fact I only really got one thing done off of my to-do list.
I ~finally~ installed some transition strips in the living room. We installed the VCT floors last summer and I'm just now getting to it. IT was looking pretty gross, basically holding dirt, and it was starting to chip up a bit. Something really needed to be done.

Why no, I don't procrastinate. Why do you ask? 

It was pretty simple but a bit time consuming. First I cleaned up and scraped the paint off that bit of floor seeing as the transition isn't really that wide. I tried using a paint scraper but it was gouging the wood a bit. I tried a few different things until I settled on the handle of a butter knife being the perfect tool. 

Once the paint was scraped and the area cleaned I bought a few transition strips. These are actually a metal product, they cost around 8 bucks for a 36 inch length at Lowes. I cut them to fit (30 in) using a hand saw and box (which took forever, maybe it's time to invest in a power saw?) . I then just nailed them down. The floor looks weird in the pictures because I just swiffered, it dried without looking all crazy.

 I'm going to start painting the trim nice and white here shortly, after the new bedroom is completed. 

Speaking of the new bedroom, sad news on the white floor front. The poly I used ended up yellowing really really bad. So I'm in the process right now of sanding the poly off and putting at least one more coat of paint on the floor. I hope it ends up covering the yellow. You live and you learn right? Never ever ever used an oil based poly on white paint. It will always yellow. 

Just for some reference, here's the floors when we moved in... 

Thank god there's no such thing as smell'o'vision. That doom carpet might be the most cat pee saturated carpet of all time.