White Wood Floors

I know like many other people I've lusted after the very Swedish painted white wood floors. I had just the room to do it in too! The "guest bedroom" Which really is just a catch-all room where laundry and extra furniture ended up. While it has wood floors they weren't very nice. Gouged and stained from the previous owner. Check out the listing photo to see what I mean...


They actually look much better there than they do in real life. 

I know some people feel very strongly about painting wood. I don't though, and since it's my house you really shouldn't care if I paint a very shitty wood floor. 

I started off sanding what little finish remained on the floors. 


Then I put two coats of primer down.


There was some staining that still came through the primer, I though about using kilz... but I got lazy.

Then I used valspars paint and primer for three more coats in a satin finish. High gloss is really hard to keep clean on a floor. 


Then since the floor is so so white, the rest of the at least 20 year old paint looked awful and yellow. So We set to paint all the trim with the same valspar paint. Also decided on a few samples for a new wall color.


Behold! The world's worst iPhone panorama! It looks 100 times better even in this halfway complete state. I'm waiting on the floor to be completely dry before I start working on prepping the walls for paint though. It's been about three days and it's still kind of tacky. Cincinnati has been pretty humid, so I'm not going to pull my hair out if it takes more than a week to dry.

 I'm considering putting a poly top coat on, but that might be more hassle than it's worth. I've heard that back in the old days, people would paint their woods floors once a year in the spring to keep up with maintenance. That seems really doable. Even if it's just to touch up scuffs. 

We decided to go with Belle Grove Aloe Green by valspar for the walls.(It's the paint sample on the left wall in the picture above.)

It looks a bit more blue on our walls than in the sample. It's pretty soothing though, which is good, because this room is going to our new bedroom, surprise!

The whole bedroom dreaming moodboard has actually been set into motion.

While I love how much room we have in the loft, summer+not the greatest insulation+second floor bedroom=cranky Paige. It gets VERY hot. 

One day we are ideally going to gut and redo the upstairs, adding more vents and insulation. Until that day though, I can't handle the heat. I also have this really unreasonable fear that one of the huge trees surrounding our house will fall and kill me while I sleep. I'm obviously really reasonable. 

There's still a bit of one stain that peeks through. Our bed will be over it though, so I'm not too concerned. There's still so much work that needs to be done in this room, but I'll keep everyone updated! 

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