Sewing & Creatures Of The Night

I have been slacking on my sewing. I probably could have finished my 1940's bra last night, but I had pork tacos and

Just Dance 3

to attend to. Priorities right? 

So after about an hour of sweating my butt off dancing, I decided it was time to call it a night and retire to the pet pile that is our bed. All was good and snugly until about four AM. The dog and cat were going BANANAS. They were both running back and forth, the cat careening through the air running into everything and making the most noise possible.

I was pretty perturbed considering I had two hours before I had to wake up for work. I figured that cat was in a tizzy because he was hungry or something so Brian gets up to feed him and he doesn't follow. That should of been the first clue something was right. The cat will literally jump down the stairs, even from the top, if he has any inkling that it might result in the slightest chance of food. Brian comes back upstairs and turns on the light.

It takes a minute for us to realize that something is flying around the top of our low, cape cod, 1/2 story bedroom. It looks like a big, fast, bug. As our eyes adjust we realize it's a bat.

There's a


, freaking out, about to be murdered by our resident cat assassin. I'd really rather the pets or the people not touch Dracula, rabies is a very real thing.

We try to get Count Chocula to fly out an open window, but he is for real super dumb, and instead just flies in manic circles. Oh and by we, I mean Brian. I'm usually not a baby about anything, especially animals. I grew up in and around many farms, was in 4-H, and have seen my far share of slaughter for food. In fact I kind of champion bats for eating mosquito's and other nastiness.

But lets be real, when you wake up in the middle of the night to something swooping around in your room, you lay under the covers and make your boyfriend deal with it.

Anyway Nosferatu was successfully maneuvering the cat and had perched himself on the curtain rod above the open window. We (Brian) took a laundry basket and kind of bumped him down until he flew out the window.

Last night was the official end of sleeping with the windows open. We had screens in, but I guess one must have been a bit ajar. Bats only need 5/8ths of an inch to get in somewhere. I'm going to check the small crawl space that is our attic to make sure we don't have a roost going. I'm also going to put a few bat boxes down at the opposite end of the yard, a quarter acre away.

Bats of the world, please eat all the bugs you like, just stay out of my bedroom.

Have you ever had any "creepy" animal encounters?