Sew Thursdays: Victory Patterns Hazel

I hope everyone here in The States had a wonderful independence day! We skipped out on the fireworks this year and went and saw "The Amazing Spiderman" at our local theater. It's good, and worth a watch if super heroes are your cup of tea! Even if Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy was really unbelievable as a high school student. Andrew Garfield is probably the best representation of Peter Parker/Spiderman yet! 

I was pretty lazy most of the day, I even forgot to post my Whatever Wednesday. Forgive me? 

Anyway, I did cut out my hazel! Well cut everything except the lining. It's only the skirt that's lined, so I'm pretty sure I can get away with just some nice seam finishing and a slip. I promise I'm not super lazy, but I didn't buy any lining material and am saving my pennies for some house related stuff. 

As you can see I chose a linen-look navy with purple undertones. The buffalo check fabric is the same weight, and I think have a heavier fabric than the pattern sample will give it a bit of structure. Plus I think the way linen wrinkles is pretty chic. 

There's no zippers or buttons on this dress, it's a purely over the head deal. I think that might end up making it my go to summer dress. 

Do you all have anything on your sewing table at the moment? 

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