Mood Board Monday : Deck Dreaming

Deck Dreaming

I have a pretty awesome, not very stylish deck. In fact it still has the deck furniture that was left by the previous owners. You can check out the furniture and the deck in an older post


 I'm starting to plan a mini deck makeover. Keeping the furniture white, simple, and comfortable. I plan on using that fabric to make some pillows, maybe an outdoor rug with my

DIY dropcloth Tutorial

. Also I'm going to need some lighting seeing as whats there is pretty minimal. Solar powered string lights from IKEA in fun colors sound awesome! 


this is going to be on the back burner for awhile,a little planning never hurt right? I still need to finish the bathroom, which has changed by leaps and bounds since you saw it last (More on that Wednesday). Ideally also I'd like to put new decking on the deck. I'm going to sell the current furniture on craigslist and get at least a few pieces this summer, I'll keep you posted though! 

Do you have any plans for your outdoor living space?