Slobs Anonymous: My Cleaning Schedule

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“Housework won’t kill you, but why take the chance?"

-Make bed
-Pick up/sort dirty clothes
-Wash/put away dishes
-Vacuum All Floors
-Sweep Stairs
-Water Garden
-Vacuum couch
-Put shoes away
-Scoop litter box
-Put misplaced items away
-Sort mail
-Make work lunch
-Wipe out bathroom/kitchen sink  with Clorox wipes

-Wash inside windows
-Mop all floors
-Sweep porch/deck
-Mow lawn
-Pick up yard debris
-Wash sheets
-Clean bathroom
-Clean out fridge
-Clean out pantry
-Organize or throw out magazines and newspapers
-Replace litter
-Poop scoop backyard
-Dog bath
-Wash pet food bowls
-Clean sewing room
-Wash baseboards
-Dust central air vents
-Dust ceiling lights/fans
-Wash duvets/other bedding
-Flip mattress
-Wash pillows/pillow cases  
-Wash floor coverings 
-Vacuum curtains
-Polish furniture
-Wash slipcovers *
-Clean oven
-Clean washing machine/dryer
-Scour laundry sink
-Powerwash outside of house
-Touch up house paint
-Wash dog bed
-Check air filter
-Check water filter
-Pet flea medication
-Wash inside of trash cans*
-Sweep/mop basement
*If Needed
Hello, my name is Paige, and I'm a slob.

So I know this might be the most boring post of all time for most people, and hell it might just be for my benefit. Humor me? I know I can't be the only person who struggles with cleaning, right? While I understand "clean" is a relative term for many, this is what I need to do to feel as though I gave it the good old fashioned try.


My Mumsy had a nickname for the state of my room growing up, the hellmouth (yes, that is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference). I have trouble putting things away, screwing lids and caps back on, having a never ending mountain of clothing that needs to be put away, and just procrastination in general. I haven't always kept the most tidy of houses, but the one thing that has helped so much is to have a cleaning schedule set in stone. Although for those of us not experienced in the art of cleaning a list can seem kind of daunting. 

"Look at all that stuff I'm not doing"

I promise if you stick to your list it works and really isn't that bad. This list above is really the bare minimum I can do and think my house is clean. You pick chores that work for you though!  The every day things help the most in keeping the house clean. Also, doing a purge of your belongings is the first step to a tidy home. Less to clean = Less time cleaning. I do all my daily stuff as soon as I get home from work. It takes me about 30 to an hour if I need to do all of it. Once you get into the swing of things though, chances are you'll only need to do a few of these a day. I also split up my weekly and monthly stuff over their allotted time frames. I would die if I had to do all that cleaning weekly on one day of the week.

Next Up: A Happy Cleaning Kit  

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