Slobs Anonymous : My Cleaning Kit


This table is pre-cleaning, please excuse my clutter. 

This is my cleaning kit. It includes:

The Pick Up Basket

I keep almost everything in what I call my pick up basket.  

It's a dollar store basket (The dollar store has literally almost everything you would need to clean a house, while most of the cleaners aren't the greenest eco wise, their cleaning supplies are cheap and decent quality) that I use not only to hold all my cleaning supplies, but as something to put misplaced items from around the house in while I'm cleaning.  Putting away all the items at the end of my cleaning session. It saves time that way instead of putting away things as I'm cleaning. 

Paper Towels

We've tried to kick the paper towel habit before, buying micro fiber cloths, and it just didn't work for us. Not only did it add to my laundry load, but to be quite honest there are times when I'd just rather use a paper towel. Especially with pets.  


Again from the Dollar Store. A lot of people like swiffer dusters, and that's fine, but this works just as well for me. 


I was lucky enough to be gifted and amazing dyson vacuum. This is where to splurge when it comes to cleaning, it will make all the difference. 

Mop & Bucket , Method Almond Floor Cleaner, Mop & Glow*

Dollar store, standerd mop and bucket. Nothing fancy, but it does the job. Most times if the floor is pretty clean I just squirt some mop and glow (tiles), or wood floor cleaner and mop away. But when I need to mop up mud or other junk I use hot water, a bit of vinegar, and a bit of dish soap. I then follow it with appropriate floor cleaner. 

Murphy's Oil Soap

My Grandmother and my Mom have both used this since the dawn of time, well at least the dawn of time for me. If you have a lot of wood, especially old wood, in your home go buy some right now. It cleans, but also helps to moisturize and condition your wood. My dining room table set is from the early 1960's. It's not in perfect condition but I think I keep it looking pretty nice with Murphy's. Plus it smells citrus-y.

Method Glass Cleaner & Method All Purpose Cleaner 

I won't lie, I bought these mostly because they smell awesome. The glass cleaner is minty, while the all purpose is grape fruit. The fact that they're just a little more eco-conscious is awesome. 

Carpet Powder

While not a "must-have" for your cleaning kit, I like it because it keeps the vacuum smelling fresh. I don't notice a difference in the carpet a whole lot. But I do notice that the vacuum can get a little funky when I don't use it. I think I might be overly sensitive to some smells though. 


Haters to the left. If you have pets, some part of your house is bound to smell like your pet, and not in a good way. This is the second to last step in my cleaning routine. I prance around the house hitting all fabric surfaces with fabreeze. It might be a lot of smells to handle while you're spraying it, but since fabreeze actually is made to neutralize odors, you won't notice it as soon as everything sprayed. Between having a cat and a dog it makes a big difference. Yes, I have awkwardly surveyed many a guest in my house if it smells weird or not. 

Clorox Wipes 

When I'm cleaning hard surfaces and stuff is sticky/slimy/crusty or just not clean I always go for the clorox wipes first. I know a lot of people use them only in the kitchen/bathroom, but they're awesome basically everywhere. If the clorox wipe can't handle it, that's when I get my method general purpose cleaner and hard bristle brush out. 

Hard Bristle Brush & Toilet Brush*

Obviously you guys know what the toilet brush is for. I really like a good hard bristle scrubbing brush though.  I got mine from the dollar store. It makes cleaning soap scum and stuck on gunk so much easier. I like to let both of these sit in separate bleach solutions after I'm done cleaning so that nothing icky is left stuck in the bristles. 

Scrubbing Bubbles Eco*

This comes in a simple spray bottle, versus the aerosol. Nothing cleans a shower better. Sometimes I use the hard bristle brush if the soap scum is extra scummy. I just spray it first thing when I'm cleaning the bathroom, and wipe out the shower and tub last. So easy. 


I always have a gallon of white vinegar in the house. I keep the vinegar I use for cleaning in a, surprise, dollar store spray bottle. Vinegar can clean pretty much anything. I use it for removing cat pee from upholstery/carpeting, windows, spot cleaning for stains, whiten your grout, removes mineral deposits from your shower-head, gets rid of water rings, disinfects, Cleans and polishes metals, keeps ants away, kills weeds, shines porcelain, cleaning coffee makers, and so much more. It's pretty much a cleaning powerhouse. 

*not pictured (Either too large, or kept in bathroom)

You can really get away with much less, or more if you're so inclined. Hell you can even clean everything with vinegar. I just think the point is to have something set, that you keep stocked, that is easy to use, and that you like using. Because if you don't like it, you're not going to do it. 

Next up in Slobs Anonymous : Time Trials

Do you guys have any cleaning questions I can cover for slobs anonymous? I'll try my hardest to answer anything I can! 

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