The living room has changed quite a bit! When we first moved in the living room it looked like this.


Look at the doom carpet. Pretty Awful no? Luckily we had awesome floors underneath! Add a couch and some paint and it looked like this:

While I loved the slipcover for the karlstad sofa, it's dry clean only. In reality with the dog, and being prone to spill everything I ever get into my hands, it wasn't realistic. I still have the slipcover, but It's been traded out for a washable one.


We added more seating! I bought a kind of broken karlstad loveseat for 60 bucks, and with 20 dollars spent in IKEA as is section, and a new slipcover, I have a cheap matching sofa! 


I scored two floor display RIBBA frames for five bucks, normally 20$. I added some photos of the city I had taken with my Dianna.  I can't wait to add more to my own personal gallery.


Here's a run down of everything in the room.

Rug- Hand me down from the parents (free!) 

Couches, Ottoman, Slipcovers - IKEA (350.00, built from craigslist and IKEA as is, spaced out over a long time)

 Yellow POM POM Blanket- Katie Brown for Meijer (5.99!) 

Art - Frames IKEA RIBBA (10.00) 

Art - My own! (the price of film!) 

Pillows & Covers - Gosa Aster (6.99*4= 27.96) Gäspa (4.99 * 4 = 19.96) 

Curtains - Hardware Existing (Free!) 

Sheers Meijer (4.99 * 4 =19.96) 

White Side table - Flea Market score (11.99)

 Throw - VILMIE RUND (12.99) 

Lamp - Alang (39.99)

Shade for Ceiling fan - (10.00)

Eames Shell Chair - Craigslist (40.00)

Entertainment unit - IKEA Tobo (169.99)

Totals 718.83

Most people I know payed that much for their couch. 

 It's still only a start. But It keeps getting better! I want to get some more art and color up on the walls! 

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