Doom Fridge 2.0

Remember doom fridge? 


Pretty disgusting right?!  And you didn't even get the "pleasure" of smelling the bad boy before we cleaned it out. My favorite lady Anna braved the task of cleaning it herself. While I removed the super awkward cabinet that's only intensive purpose was for me to knock my head on it. In fact the thing caused me nothing but grief while removing it! I dropped it right onto my hand as I pulled the last screw out, next time maybe having someone holding it might be the smarter plan of attack! 

So with the cabinent down, and the fridge clean, the area was still, well ugly. I picked up two things to solve out problem.

And ended up with something more like this! 

I'm not sure if the wall will stay white, but it's nice to slowly work all the fleshtoned paint out of the cod. Plus as a pretty obsessive list maker, chalkboards only add fuel to the flame! :)

The chalkboard paint was pretty easy to apply. I used a three or four inch foam roller, and did three coats, with a fourth to touch up. So far it's been done about a month and holding up fairly well. I think I'll end up spray painting the whole handle area silver, but all in due time! 

For those of you who don't know my wonderful mother, she's quite the sewer! She offered to make me curtains as a house warming present! I've picked out the fabric, it's a navy blue waverly lattice print. 

I don't think it qualifies as mod, but I had a lot of trouble finding any fabric that did, and had the right colors going on! I just kept getting drawn into this though, a little Moroccan, I mean MODroccan inspired maybe? If I learned anything design wise it's just to trust my gut. It'll be nice to just get some color in the front rooms! 

Speaking of the front rooms can you say disaster area? We got everything out the apartment and returned our keys yesterday and I forgot how much stuff we had! Time to purge, seeing as it's all already out! I'm not really looking foward to the process, but the results always feel great!

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